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So add me on NaNoWriMo! My username is Nicolet.

Love, Nicole.


If Walls Could Talk vol.10

If Walls Could Talk
they’d tell you all their stories,
steal your inked papers
to dress their souls,
while crafting frames of
your honest self,
fitting courage into corners
before hanging them up
for the world to hear

Gaslight Cafe and Music

So today I attended the tenth session of a poetry and spoken word open mic at Gaslight Cafe & Music. This was done in conjunction with the Malaysian Writers Fest 2015, and this time it was to showcase poets who have published their poems.


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The Good Days and The Bad Ones

There are some days when I feel as if I could conquer the world. I would write up a storm and I would feel as if I could bring life to words. “I can do this,” I think, “I’ve thought up a brilliant idea, and I love it, and I will bring it to life.” These are the days I feel as if there is a light within me. A shining bright light that could fill up the empty spaces in my heart. It brings me joy to write as it is my passion, my life. My characters, my stories, they’re the reason for my being. How could I not pen them to life?

And then there are those days..

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An exercise in writing prose.


Have you ever woken up

Realized that you had forgotten

The sweet taste

Of what we once had

No longer

Am I the breath you breathe

Am I the warmth you seek

Am I the flesh you eat

Am I

We are going through the motions

We float as if in a daze

We care not

We hold together

Like pieces of a puzzle

Too close


You were once the tears

That streaked down my face

As I cried myself to sleep

You were the grief I did not want

My heart

It aches

And yet you were my joy

My highest of highs

We burned like shining stars

We fell so fast

We danced in internal flame

You set it ablaze

I would pine

I would want

I would need

Where is the sweetest nectar

One I once had

Where is the bitter poison

One I once had

Has it gone and left


Now we have but the solid mountain

Its peak not seen

Its base so firm








It takes an earthquake

To shatter

To scatter

To break us


We fought we clawed we strived

Yet we conquered them

And now our victory flag

Stained with blood

I remember now

I remember


The love

We once had

That burned

That ached



I see

The doubts

The hurts

The aches

And I know

We have won


But our love

Thank you for reading.

Love, Nicole.


I had a short story titled ‘Nostalgia’ published in an anthology in 2010. This anthology ‘Being Malaysian – A Young Writers Anthology’, was published by MPH Group Publishing, and can only be ordered from here.

It doesn’t seem easy to get as it has been out of print for ages now, and I had assumed that it was no longer in production. Imagine my surprise when I found a link to get it!

Regardless, here’s the short story in its entirety for you to read. Wrote this 8 years ago, so do pardon any mistakes that I’ve made while writing it. Rereading it again gives me goosebumps and my cheeks heat up. It’s really quite funny to reread things written in my teenage years.

Anyway, enjoy! Included translations for the random sentences in the Malay language. This story is peppered with Manglish – Malaysian English – and the Malaysian slang.



Tan Wei Wern


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Micro Fiction Time!

Wow, I think it’s been so long since I’ve been given the opportunity to write that I’m really spending all my time on it! It’s amazing, and awesome that I want to try so many new things. If you’re wondering why I’m not writing ‘Mirror Madness’ yet it’s because I’m waiting for NaNoWriMo in November to start that party!

I’ve decided to start writing really short stories that can be tweeted. So yes, 140 characters only! It’s pretty hard, but I’ll learn how to tell a simple story just from a tweet. Which is the opposite of what NaNoWriMo wants to achieve actually – writing long sentences, and words words words to fulfill the word count of 50000 words – but this is an exciting new venture that could improve my writing.

I probably won’t document the micro fiction that I’m going to tweet. So if you want to read them, please check me out on Twitter! My username is @nictanww  and I’d love for you to follow me!

Here’s a simple one I wrote and tweeted to my lovely sister.

She fears the rejection

The pain of a broken heart

She doesn’t need to

For her worth is a thousand suns

Upon reflection

It’s the wrong station

Pay attention

Avoid agitation

I am torn asunder

by your thoughtless words

you gave me wonder

but now it hurts

I’ll see you on Twitter!

Love, Nicole.

Superhero Contained

‪#‎MYWritersWritingPrompt‬ – Week 43/2015
Write a piece of micro-fiction/non-fiction/poetry in English or Malay inspired by this image – word count: between 50 to 200 words
Tulis sebuah certot/esei/puisi dalam Bahasa Inggeris atau Melayu berilhamkan gambar berikut – antara 50 hingga 200 patah perkataan


Image was obtained from shutterstock.com

They try to grab me but I’m too quick. I’m like Flash you see, too darn fast for them to handle. They try to grab me, their hands darting left and right, but I twist and turn and run away. Maybe I’m Superman! Maybe I’m Batman! They have been experimenting on me for years, I must be their prized specimen!

Darn it, this door is locked. I can hear them shouting now. Sucks to be them, but I can’t be contained anymore. White walls are all I see, and them doctors my only company. Too bad, so sad. I’m off to show the world how amazing I am.

I break the door open with my Superman-like strength. Shit! They’re waiting for me outside. That’s not cool! The guns are pointed at me. If I’m Superman, the bullets will not pierce me. So I stand firm and I’m puffing out my chest. But what comes is not a bullet, it’s a dart! I slump to the floor, and as I slowly lose consciousness, they start to talk.

“This is his third attempt this month!”

“We’ll have to change the medication to clozapine for his schizophrenia. Maybe do an ECT tomorrow morning.”

Thank you for reading!

Love, Nicole.