Hello world! Welcome to my blog! The world has changed so much so that blogs are not really the ‘in’ thing anymore. However, I was born in a time when blogs were all the rage, and they’ve been a fondness of mine. I’ve had several blogs, all serving to document specific moments in my life, and they exist somewhere in the world wide web, guarded preciously with “Only Me” settings.

Today I present to you Victorious Heart 2.0, a public domain for my ever changing moods, my writing, and everything about my medical life that does not break any laws. Confidentiality ones especially.

I’ve a Tumblr which will probably have posts similar to that on the blog, if you fancy being on Tumblr more. I also have a Facebook account for writing related stuff. All this links will be up somewhere on the blog when I’ve had more time to configure it. This is merely a HELLO THERE so that it doesn’t look too bare for now.

Hello there. Please do stay. I promise I won’t bite. Unless you ask for it.

Love, Nicole.


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