Superhero Contained

A piece of micro-fiction based on a picture about a superhero in his own mind.


‪#‎MYWritersWritingPrompt‬ – Week 43/2015
Write a piece of micro-fiction/non-fiction/poetry in English or Malay inspired by this image – word count: between 50 to 200 words
Tulis sebuah certot/esei/puisi dalam Bahasa Inggeris atau Melayu berilhamkan gambar berikut – antara 50 hingga 200 patah perkataan


Image was obtained from

They try to grab me but I’m too quick. I’m like Flash you see, too darn fast for them to handle. They try to grab me, their hands darting left and right, but I twist and turn and run away. Maybe I’m Superman! Maybe I’m Batman! They have been experimenting on me for years, I must be their prized specimen!

Darn it, this door is locked. I can hear them shouting now. Sucks to be them, but I can’t be contained anymore. White walls are all I see, and them doctors my only company. Too bad, so sad. I’m off to show the world how amazing I am.

I break the door open with my Superman-like strength. Shit! They’re waiting for me outside. That’s not cool! The guns are pointed at me. If I’m Superman, the bullets will not pierce me. So I stand firm and I’m puffing out my chest. But what comes is not a bullet, it’s a dart! I slump to the floor, and as I slowly lose consciousness, they start to talk.

“This is his third attempt this month!”

“We’ll have to change the medication to clozapine for his schizophrenia. Maybe do an ECT tomorrow morning.”

Thank you for reading!

Love, Nicole.

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