What A Beautiful Day

There are no chains binding me.


I’ll miss this. This sense of freedom. There are no chains binding me. I am free.

I wake up early to write.  The sun hasn’t come up yet. I pull the curtains close. As I write, the sun rises, and shines through the pink curtains. Soft pink hues fill the room, and turns everything to a beautiful pink haze. 1500 words done. It’s time for breakfast.

The curtains are pulled open now. I’m sitting by the window, sunlight pouring through. It’s warm and beautiful. Natural light always triumphs over the artificial. Too many days were spent under glaring artificial lights. Shining over textbooks blurring the words till I squint. But that was before, and today I’m free. I turn to the window, I can see blue skies and white fluffy clouds.

It’s raining now. Not the kind that floods, not the kind that drizzles. But the kind that falls just enough to drench the earth with joy, to wash away the dread that has settled with a long day. It’s just enough to make the air cooler, the wind a little stronger. It’s just enough to make me drowsy, but I’m alert all the same.

It’s a pleasant day.

Another 1000 words on a short story. Plots fill themselves. The story is coming nicely while the rain falls gently. I have a cup of hot Milo in my hands. I sip it slowly, and I listen to the rain.

The sound of the rain falling is like music. It patters down the roof, sliding down with a plop. It’s trickles down the pipes, it hits the ground with a sharp thud.

It’s thundering. I see lightning. The rain falls.

And I..

I continue writing.

About this beautiful day.

Love, Nicole.

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