‪#‎MYWritersWritingPrompt‬ – Week 45/2015


‪#‎MYWritersWritingPrompt‬ – Week 45/2015
Write a piece of micro-fiction/non-fiction/poetry in English or Malay inspired by this image – word count: between 50 to 200 words.
Tulis sebuah certot/esei/puisi dalam Bahasa Inggeris atau Melayu berilhamkan gambar berikut – antara 50 hingga 200 patah perkataan.

12190021_1923173121241137_1638261427835310756_nPicture can be obtained from here.

Why is it that she gets all the glory? Why don’t I get a mention? I hate how we do the exact same things and yet she’s the one that gets all the recognition! In the end she’s the one they all praise, and I’m the one they blatantly ignore. It’s not fair! Sometimes I stand right beside her, and there they still turn away from me!

I want to be the one that they all talk to for once. I don’t want to be chased away in the darkness anymore. I don’t want to be hidden away.

In fact, I’ll do it today. I’ll take her place. I will no longer be her shadow. I will not be shadowed.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Nicole.

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