Haikus to lift the soul.


Tonight I can’t sleep

For you are sad and lonely

And I am the cause.

You tell me to change

My mindset that blames myself

When you are to blame.

The turmoil inside

For you are the hurricane

That has shattered me.

I miss you so much

In all the ways that matter

Yet you don’t miss me.

I still bear the scars

From the words you hurl at me

Please let them be lies.

My heart beats weakly

Burdened by hurts and sorrows

And your heart is free.

Can’t you see the truth

That my love for you is true

You wish to be blind.

I can’t feel happy

Your jealousy eats my joys

So I cry instead.

Both of us are sad

We are both filled with regrets

And not enough words.

I can only write

My emotions on this page

I hope you see them.

Love, Nicole.

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