The Distance Between Us

Another poem.


Today, like any other day

I thought of you and I cried

I’m here

And you are so far away.

There are too many miles between our hearts

Too many hurdles to overcome

Too little words between us

Not spoken in anger and regret.

And yet

With one word from you

I would throw it all

Just to be back with you.

Even though I know

This peace won’t last

Because you are who you are

And I too, am who I am.


We will not fight anymore

Only tears left drying

On tombstones in graveyards.

Sometimes when I cannot speak of the turmoil that’s within me, I resort to blogging. Words come easier that way. The words fly from my fingers as they soar across the keyboard. Words doesn’t come as easy when it’s from my mouth – because once said, it cannot be taken back.

When I type, if it’s too hurtful, I know I can press the backspace, I can delete them. That way, the words don’t pierce too deeply. Hurts can be erased just as easily.

This time, when the words simply refuse to be said, I write them down in forms of poetry instead. That way I can brush them off as art. I can say, oh they’re just words. Instead of my tears and sorrows in the form of pretty characters placed neatly together.

They’re characters I painstakingly put down, to resemble some form of emotion I keep deep-seated within me. They’re words formed by my mind that’s in despair. Despair to be heard, somehow.

Do you hear me? Do you care?

Thank you for reading.

Love, Nicole.

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