to lose your sense of self
to be nothing but a shell
how does one do it
by disappearing slowly
day by day
a little by little
into nothing

sometimes grief is an ocean of despair
with unknown depths so deep
that light doesn’t pass through
dark and unforgiving

sometimes grief is an all-consuming fire
that burns and blazes through
destroying everything in its path
never to bring life again

and there are days when there is joy
and there are days when there is sorrow
and then there are the days
when there’s nothing at all
but to breathe, to live,
as if,
you’re alive.

how does one define sadness
is it the piercing pain through the heart
is it the sharp stabs through the gut
is it the emptiness within our minds
is it
can sadness be seen
or is it merely a construct of our imagination
evidenced only by the tears
running down our faces
to prove
that we are sad

Thank you for reading! Some random rambles resembling poetry for the night.

Love, Nicole.


To Pretend

These tears that won’t fall

They lodge themselves deep within me

They strike with claws of despair

Cutting my heart into ribbons

These words that have no sound

They hide themselves away

If they’re not said then they don’t exist

They merely breed and fester

These hurts that have no end

They rise and rise

Filling me to the brim

And then I end

I end.


Thank you for reading!

Love, Nicole.