silly little drabbles

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Sometimes I wonder which is better. To simply post up random snippets, or to properly write them down and to take a screenshot of it, as if it’s poetry worth reading.

Haha, please let me know which formatting you’d prefer.

Thank you for reading,




out of kindness they still their tongue,

unable to speak,

lying by omission,

and here I stand,



for when do I speak,

when do I break the spell,

when do I say,

enough is enough,

kindness does not always save.

there are days when lies come far too easy,

there are days when it’s better not to say,

and when times passes,

to soothe over memories,

it becomes a thing to laugh over,

a fondness,

instead of bitterness.

half-forgotten thoughts,

bury and dig deep into me,

so they never leave.

your skin is amber,

igniting and burning bright,

shining like the sun.

there’s a tightness in my chest,

as I walk along familiar roads,

there is a fondness in my words,

as I speak of days of old.

yet it isn’t quite the same,

and already I see new sights,

strange and wonderful,

overlapping memories.

there’s a pain in my heart,

of never seeing this place grow,

as time passes,

it moves further away from me.

and one day,

without knowing,

I will never know,

this place I once called home.

to new adventures,

to further chaos,

to bright struggles,

to neverending sorrow.

your words cut deep into my heart,

when I know they shouldn’t,

they sting me,

till I reach despair,

I wonder why,

why my heart is too soft,

that your words that aren’t sharp,

still pierces me,

till I bleed.

a death in the family,

a hope flickering out,

a candle burning away,

a darkness amidst happiness.

Thank you for reading.

Love, Nicole.