Hari Malaysia 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. As always, when exams are approaching, that’s when ideas come pouring out. I’ve many pending works, most of my stories incomplete on that writing website. Mirror Madness is on hold, and suddenly I’ve been itching to write Zanefier’s story once again. (Zanefier being the lead character in the very first novel that I attempted to write. I miss her.)

Today I was wasting time on Facebook, procrastinating from studying when I saw a mini competition – to write on what it means to be Malaysian. Once upon a time, I wrote a story for MPH on Being Malaysian and won the consolation prize. It struck me with nostalgia (coincidentally the name of my story haha!) and I decided to write a short piece on what being Malaysian means to me now as an adult. It’s only about 150++ words because I’m very rusty and also because the mini competition only asked for about 100-200 words. It’s nothing much – but perhaps it is the start to a writing frenzy.

Anyway, here it is!

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If Walls Could Talk vol.10

If Walls Could Talk
they’d tell you all their stories,
steal your inked papers
to dress their souls,
while crafting frames of
your honest self,
fitting courage into corners
before hanging them up
for the world to hear

Gaslight Cafe and Music

So today I attended the tenth session of a poetry and spoken word open mic at Gaslight Cafe & Music. This was done in conjunction with the Malaysian Writers Fest 2015, and this time it was to showcase poets who have published their poems.


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