Published Works

Short Stories:

Being Malaysian – A Young Writers Anthology

In this collection of stories, 30 young Malaysian writers ponder what being Malaysian means to them in everyday and festive contexts.

Here you will find imagery and voices, from Manglish dialogues, kopitiams and mamaks to Merdeka celebrations and cultural costumes. In every character, you will observe how Malaysians are rooted in filial piety, academic ambitions, religious and racial tolerance, and a little bit of conspicuous consumption.

‘Being Malaysian’ allows the old and young to reflect on what it means to be a citizen of a nation that is undergoing its most exciting and challenging times.

Published by MPH Group Publishing in 2010.

ISBN: 9789675222504

This book can be ordered from here.

You can read the short story ‘Nostalgia’ here

A news article on Being Malaysian by The Sun Daily can be found here.






Published in The Hourglass Magazine Issue 1 in Jan 24th 2016. 

ISBN/EAN13: 1512381012 / 9781512381016

This magazine can be ordered from here.


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